What you really need to know for your Dental Vacation to Cancun


Cancun Dental Clinic
Cancun Dental Clinic


I have been helping Patients who travel to Cancun for Treatments for Over 5 years and I can honestly say I love my job. And in that time I have had the privilege to meet Hundreds of People from all over the United States and Canada who travel to Cancun because they know they are not only receiving the very best care available but a personal on site support concierge that is available 24 hours to them throughout their stay Courtesy of Dental Destinations Cancun & Dentaris.

After 5 Years I have seen pretty much every scenario a patient could find themselves in so Below are some Important points | Hints | Tips and Suggestions that I would like you and those who are planning to travel for Dental treatments to read. These can help make you more prepared and makes sure there are no unexpected surprises while you are here ~ Leaving you to be able to focus on your Dental transformation and Vacation.

Travel with a friend or family member ~ It is not nice to be away from home and going through any type of dentistry if you have no one to spend time with between appointments. Also if you are looking at complex surgeries it is always advisable to have someone who can help you and be a good source of support and company.

Include your current dental Provider ~ This can sometimes be a subject that a lot of patients do not like to bring up with their current healthcare provider, but I really believe (and have seen) that if the provider works with us here at Dentaris it can be really beneficial for them, us here in Cancun and most importantly you the patient. We can work together and make sure you the patient receives the very best personalized care.

Take out Travel Insurance ~ This is self explanatory but for many travelers they do tend to overlook this basic necessity when visiting a foreign Country.

Focus on the Dentistry ~ While you are on Vacation you want the dental work you are paying for to be successful and there is nothing more important than taking the medications as prescribed and following after care instructions. This is the same for any pre treatment requirements (fasting before sedations etc)

Medications ~ If you believe that you will need extremely strong pain medication ~ Bring your own (It is a myth that any pain medication and in particular Opiates are readily available in Mexico)

Make sure your close friends and family are aware of the reasons you are traveling to Cancun ~ Support does help reaffirm and make it a positive step for you.

Be Aware that Treatment plans can change ~ This is not to say they will, and any prior preparation you do before traveling like X-rays, scans treatment plans etc n will significantly lower the chances of this happening, but certain cases after a clinical evaluation may alter slightly in the favor of a more successful treatment Outcome.

Medical History ~ It is very important that you are completely honest and open about your current health and history, This just enables the doctors to work with as much information as possible and elect the best course of treatments for you.

Inform your bank that you will be traveling to Cancun and making payments for a specific service, It is quite normal for the initial transaction to be declined by a banking institution (Do not panic) It only requires a call to confirm this is authorized by you the Payee.

Have access to cash (Although not vital when you have access to cards) It is easier to be able to have some cash available in case the need arises for buying medications and any extras This is easy in Cancun where US Dollars and Mexican Pesos are the standard currency. Be aware that when spending Dollars in Mexico your change will always be returned in the denomination of Mexican Pesos.

Confirm the types of payments the clinic accepts ~ It is very often that Personal cheques, and even American Travelers Cheques are no longer accepted in many Mexican businesses due to a change in the Federal laws.

If the dates given for your treatments are say 5 days book 7 days, It is always better for you to have maybe a day or so extra to recuperate and if needed any adjustments to be done before traveling back home.

Look for Hotels and accommodations in close proximity to the clinic as this helps with traveling times and places less pressure on yourself if needing to return for multiple visits throughout the procedures.

Time Share ~ There are many hotels that still offer Timeshare presentations or Vacation ownership tours, and for some people they already have timeshares or are interested which is great, But if you are not sure or are not interested Ask.

Excursions and Tours ~ The are a multitude of Activities to do and there is something for every one, But make sure you have the times and dates of appointments arranged with the clinics so there is no confusion or day tours missed due to unforeseen occurrences.

Following these little hints can and will help your Planned dental Vacation with Dental Destinations Cancun ~ Dentaris a Successful and a Positive Life Changing Experience:

If in Doubt or you would like some more Help or Information feel free to contact us directly info@dentaldestinationscancun.com


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Antony De Sousa


What the patients wants, the patients get in Cancun

Cancun Dentaris (1)


Do you know what most of our patients comment on after their treatments here with Dr Berron ~ They love The time, attention and care  (and of course the results) he takes to explain what they need and how it can be achieved and show them the treatments he and the whole team are performing. The reasons why he is doing a specific procedure and the outcomes that are expected.

Once a patient has taken the time to research their options in Mexico they will certainly come across Dr Berron’s name and clinics which have a well earned Reputation coupled with Experience that show the most Respected dental professionals in Quintana Roo.

Dentaris works on some of the most complicated and complex Oral rehabilitations from American and Canadians who seek more Affordable options to their Oral needs but want to ensure they have the best possible chances of success and that is why Dentaris and the Whole team are continually working to provide the highest standards of dentistry in Cancun, Mexico.

If you are in need of extensive dental (or even minor ) dental work and are looking for more Cost effective options in Mexico being performed by true professionals, Dentaris is leading the way in providing Affordable Implant dentistry and Oral rehabilitations that can help regain a patients Quality of Life that will last!
We welcome you to contact us for a free no obligation treatment comparison / Consultation and see for yourself the options available to you.


Dental Tourism Mexico
Dental Tourism Mexico


Who better to explain the experience and results than a patient (just like you) who took the time to research and contact us about what Dentaris could do for them. We truly cherish each and every patient that chooses us here in Cancun to return their Smile. We would very much like to add your name and testimonial to this page in the Future. http://www.dentaldestinationscancun.com/testimonials.php


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What is the Best dental Implant brand?


 Dental Destinations Cancun, Dentaris, Platinum Dental clinic Mexico-2 There are over 150 different companies of Dental Implants, The secrets of Titanium alloy used for Implants was released many years ago ~ Meaning the alloy used for implants is the same in every company. Each dentist that places Implants will have a favorite brand, or at least a system they prefer using. But with such a variety on the market the options available to a doctor is vast and allows the choice that they see will benefit a patients clinical situation after a through evaluation – CT Scan and clinical assessment. There are certain companies that have been around for more years than others and this adds credibility to a brand. What the majority of dentists who place Implants will tell you is that the most important factor of any dental Implant is:

the skill, Knowledge and experience of the dentist placing it.

As with the surgical placement the final (rehabilitation) stage is Just as Important as the implant brand. There are dental implant brands that market much more than others and so gain the advantage of being more well known to the patient that is usually unaware of such details when it comes to dentistry (do you as a patient know the materials used in your composite fillings, or the ingredients in your whitening products?) probably not. So while a dental implant brand may have more publicity or advertisements does not mean they are the only option available to you the patient.

So what is recommended to patients needing Dental implants and are checking what brands are available – Find a dentist who is not only Trained but Experienced, has a database of previous patients who have had implants placed and still have them. The dental specialists recommended by the American Dental Association to be best prepared to place dental implants will be either, Prosthodontist – restoration and replacement of teethOral and Maxillofacial surgeon – dental surgery

Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon – dental surgery Periodontist – periodontal specialists Trust the dentist to make the best decision for your specific case – If you do not trust them to make a decision that has your best interests at heart – Change your dentist To find out more about the options of Affordable Dental implants that are available to you and even just for some helpful advice on tips on Dentistry in Mexico, Please feel free to contact us here at Dental Destinations Cancun –  Dentaris. Contact dental destinations cancun

7 Interesting and Fun facts about Smiling we bet you never knew

7 Interesting and Fun facts about Smiling we bet you never knew


7 Reasons to Smile - Dental Destinations Cancun
7 Reasons to Smile – Dental Destinations Cancun

Smiling is like medicine.
Real & Genuine smiles has been proven to help boost your Immune system due to it’s ability in decreasing Cortisol (stress hormone) in your body: But it needs to be a Great big Grin 🙂

Smiling when you’re sad will actually elevate your mood.
Endorphins are released when you Smile and even a forced Smile that turns into a real one actually works!

Smiling reduces blood pressure.
Again those wonderful Endorphins released when Smiling will help actually Lower your Blood pressure!


Smiling makes you look prettier.
We have mentioned this before here at Dental Destinations Cancun but current Studies have Proven that over the majority of people find Smiling faces to be more attractive than those wearing makeup, (No more duck faced selfless!)


There are many different types of smiles.
Research completed by Scientists have shown there are 19 Specific types of Smiles
Smiling is a universal sign for happiness.
We as well as Certain Animals can recognize Smiling as the Universal sign of Happiness!


Smiling is contagious.
We have Neurons in the brain that have a synchronizing feature that keeps you in sync with who are you speaking to. If they smile, you’ll smile!


Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


Want to smile more? To find out more about the options available to you and even just for some helpful advice on tips on Dentistry in Mexico, Please feel free to contact Dental Destinations Cancun and Dentaris

Dental Tourism Mexico
Dental Tourism Mexico

5 Tips to help with Dental Tourism Mexico and finding the right Clinic for you

5 Tips to help with Dental Tourism Mexico and finding the right Clinic for you

The very simple fact is that you are looking for more Cost effective dentistry in Mexico, That is the Principal reason for nearly all of our American and Canadian patients.
And while Affordable costs are what is on offer in Mexico it should not be the only reason you choose a Dental Clinic.

The treatments you are looking for not matter how minor are directly linked to your health, appearance and Quality of life, So focusing on the correct doctor and clinic is extremely important.

Check Credentials – If a doctor and clinic promotes that they are specialists in specific dental fields ask for them to show their Credentials / Certificates and Qualifications. Not courses or memberships but Black and White Printed official Qualifications.

Previous Work – Ask to see previous work undertaken by the doctor. Any committed doctor will be able to show you a variety of their work. Photos can work well and beautiful Smiles and dramatic before and afters do look remarkable – That is down to the laboratory work the work underneath (that is not always visible is just as important)

Contact previous patients – Ask to be put in contact with some of the clinics previous patients (usually one that has had the same treatments you are in need of) Ask them their experience, overall thoughts and a big question “would they do it again!”

Research become Sherlock Holmes for a few minutes – There is not much you cannot find on Google.

Seeing is Believing – Nothing short of sitting in the clinic and talking face to face with your dentist is going to be good enough: But speaking on the phone to the doctor, Skype calls and even a pre treatment visit could really help you make a well informed decision.

Finding the right Dental clinic for you in Mexico can be a daunting prospect, but it will be a worthwhile Experience. Follow those 5 simple rules and you should feel more in control and informed about what is available to you.

To find out more about the options available to you and even just for some helpful advice on tips on Dentistry in Mexico, Please feel free to contact Dental Destinations Cancun and Dentaris

Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


Antony De Sousa:

Canadian Snowbirds “Flocking” to Cancun, Mexico for Dentistry

Canadian Snowbirds “Flocking” to Cancun, Mexico for Dentistry

Canadians seeking Dentistry in Mexico
Canadians seeking Dentistry in Mexico


The Canadian Snowbird (escapus wintersnowus) is well known for its annual migration to warmer climes. As the bitter cold sets in, the snowbird pack its bag, buys flights, and relocates to another life, typically where a beach is never far away.
( *The Great Canadian Bucket List)

Mexico has long been a favorite choice of the Canadian Snowbirds, With locations such as Puerta Vallarta, Mazatlan, Oaxaca and Guadalajara catering to the needs of the many Canadians looking to escape to warmer climates.
Further South to the Yucatan Peninsular the booming Resort towns of Cancun and Playa Del Carmen are seeing a considerable increase of Canadians seeking a second home which offers all of the postcard paradise images.

With this migration of Canadians who stay for extended periods of time, there is a new extra incentive to make the most of their visits these Resort towns. Dental treatments!
With Canadian dental prices even exceeding those of their American neighbors many Canadians are also taking the time and effort to research their options for getting their much needed and often expensive Dental treatments performed while they relax south of the Border.
Not only has the Riviera Maya from Cancun down past Tulum able to offer all the amenities to even the most demanding traveller, it has a very strange yet warming familiarity that Canadians instantly fall in love with.


Canadians fall for Cancun

What initially was considered a gamble that only the desperate or the brave took, Dental Tourism has become an unstoppable force for good (In the Majority of cases) with word of mouth stories from family and friends singing the praises of their experiences to the many international facilitators allowing easy access and information to a Service industry that now counts Canadians as the new majority (catching up with Americans) who are actively seeking High Quality yet Cost effective dental treatments.

Dental Tourists as they have become affectionately known have transformed the Medical landscape of Cancun and other larger Resort towns. Where as many years ago people would not have thought about traveling to a Country like Mexico for such a reasons, Vacations yes! Famous for many things such as mouth watering cuisine, Beautiful beaches, rich and diverse History and a Vibrant and friendly people, but Medical treatments not so much.

That has all changed and with the positive encouragement and help of local government authorities and agencies along with hospitals and clinics investing much time and resources in to reaching out, informing and performing to those people that are in need, Cancun has become the Capital of Affordable yet Professional dental clinics.


High Quality, Cost effective Dentistry in Cancun
High Quality, Cost effective Dentistry in Cancun for Canadians


Two Canadians who visited such a Dental clinic in Cancun – Commented on how much more accessible and affordable their Dental Implant treatments were:

“I spent a lot of time in my search for a dentist to do my procedure. I’m from Canada and I spent thousands on consultations only to be quoted a price that I would have never been able to afford, I was told that these were fixed costs due to the implants manufacturers has a set price for the Implants. I was lucky enough to be critical thinker and not stop my search , and one day I found at dental clinic in Cancun that specialized in Implant dentistry, even thought I was sceptical , I decided to go down and see what the facility and their professionals had to offer, I was greeted warmly and kindness at the front desk, and what I found out, as first impression is that kindness would be what would seem to be a company mode. The procedure was the next day and very extensive 5 teeth removed, 7 implants put in, I found this to be almost painless, my Doctor was a very gifted man. I wish I had more words to describe how great this has all been for me. it´s one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
Cassey Y, Calgary, Canada

Another Canadian Snowbird commented the following

“One day on the golf course in Canada I was part of a conversation with this topic.
A friend had been treated in Mexico, and was more than pleased. Some research on my wife’s part and we are here in Cancun happy and the overall cost was less than 50% of what we were quoted in Canada. Professional, courteous, and for the two of us affordable.”
Tom , Vermont Canada


Accredited and Licensed
Accredited and Licensed


While it is always smart to be aware of the reality of getting such dental treatments performed in another Country, the level of Care offered at many of Cancun’s Dental clinics are certainly on par with those of their Canadian counter parts. That is not saying that everywhere is perfect always you will have the good the great and the average in any Country, and this is why it is imperative that prospective patients research the clinics available.

A good clinic will be open about their Experiences and abilities along with information and proof to back up what they offer. Previous patients are a great refferal source and often happy to be contacted about their own first hand experiences and certain companies offer to help you find the clinic that best suits you. But again Research is the best tool and time spent on this will help narrow down the clinic and doctor you feel comfortable with. And even after you have chosen one, you are not obliged to go ahead with anything you are not completely happy with.

One of the most Prominent and Experienced Dental clinics that serve Canadians and Americans is Dentaris Established in 1992 It is headed by Dr Joaquin Berron who is currently the Assistant Professor for the Implant Fellowship Program and Course Director, Department of Prosthodontics, LSU School of Dentistry United States. A well Respected Prosthodontist he divides his time between the United States and Cancun working with his team of some of the most Respected Clinicians in Quintana Roo.

“I am very proud to say that we have created a great reputation for outstanding patient care both locally and internationally and we continue to set the bar high in dental work in the state of Quintana Roo and Mexico in general.”
Dr Joaquin Berron

To keep up with the volume of Canadian and American patients contacting Dentaris about the availability and opportunity of having their dental treatments completed there, the Tourism Arm of Dentaris was created to allow patients fluid and direct contact to the clinic and doctors handling their cases: This eliminates any confusion from third parties and allows continuous contact and “on the ground” help from treatment coordinators who will be there throughout the patients treatments at the clinic.

www.DentalDestinationsCancun.com handles all patient contact and helps put a face and voice to the clinic, allowing patients to be kept up to date on their treatment plans, help with the logistical side of hotels, transportation and local information all speak English and are on hand 24/7

“I have helped coordinate over 600 traveling patients receive every type of dental procedure from emergency treatments, through to Complex and complete Oral rehabilitations, I understand how daunting and Overwhelming it can seem for a patient looking at undergoing such procedures in a different Country, so I take the time to ensure they have all the help, information and support they need. I am with the patient from the start of their initial contact throughout the planning stages and with them here at the clinic, each patient has a cel phone with my number to use 24 hours a day”.
Antony De Sousa – International Patients manager

Implant Dentistry in Cancun
Implant Dentistry in Cancun


So you are planning to have some Dental treatments completed back home, Have you a budget? have you an idea of the amount and time you will be spending to complete these dental treatments? Then why not compare to those dental treatments in Cancun. We have listed some of the most commonly performed dental treatments here in Cancun by Dentaris:



Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only) 890 usd
Standard Implant Crown (including abutment) 735 usd
Zirconia Dental Implant (metal free) 1200 usd
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 2 implants) 3800 usd
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 4 implants) 7400 usd
Implant Supported Overdenture, removable (with 8 implants) 9000 usd
Implants Supported Porcelain Bridge, Full Arch (with 4 implants) 12500 usd
Implants Supported Porcelain Bridge, Full Arch (with 6 implants) 14400 usd
Implants Supported Porcelain Bridge, Full Arch (with 8 implants) 15060 usd
“All on Four” System with fixed acrylic bridge 11560 usd
“All on Six” System with fixed acrylic bridge 14050 usd

Sinus lifting / Elevation 890 usd per side
Sedation (with Anesthesiologist) 400 usd
3D Scan / Tomography 200 usd
Bone graft (small) Puros Zimmer / Nuoss 390 usd
Bone graft (large) Puros Zimmer / Nuoss 600 usd
PGRF – Plasma 300 usd

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown 515 usd
Full Porcelain / Ceramic Crown 567 usd
Zirconia Crown 567 usd
Porcelain Veneer 515 usd

So while many of the Experienced Canadian Snowbirds have the time available to them to physically check out their options and visit the clinics and see the specialists these new “Dental Tourists” can really help their fellow Canadians learn about the very real and safe way of undertaking Specialist Dental treatments here in Mexico.

To find out more about the options available to you and even just for some helpful advice on tips on Dentistry in Mexico, Please feel free to contact Dental Destinations Cancun and Dentaris

Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


Antony De Sousa:

The Secret that allows Denture wearers to eat the foods they Love – Dental Destinations Cancun



Denture Wearers new Secret
High Quality, Cost effective Dentistry in Cancun

Do you wear dentures? are you facing the prospect of wearing dentures? This can be a frustrating / daunting problem faced by Millions of people each year. Common Problem faced by denture wearers: This is ill fitting and poorly manufactured dentures, these can and often do cause soreness and pain to a person. If a denture is made correctly and when placed in the mouth seats comfortably and does not move around there usually is not an issue. But if a denture is not made and fitted correctly this will lead to movement and rubbing of the prosthesis against the gums and will inevitable produce, soreness, swelling. If this persists the denture wearer will tend not to use them and this in turns effects the diet of a denture wearer. A softer and easier foods will become the only possibility and with poor dietary lifestyle the less nutrition and minerals a person allows there body to get can have an adverse effect on their overall health. Common worries faced by first time Denture wearers: When first facing the prospect of wearing dentures many people worry about the look, fit and the change that they will inevitably face in their lifestyle. A mouth full of foreign material, bulky and moveable prosthesis can really make it difficult for them to face unto this new stage in life. Many first time denture wearers find themselves not even wearing their new dentures due to the frustration of the feel and problems they encounter when just starting to wear them. What if there was a very real and Affordable way of in a way of replacing those large bulky and unsecured dentures! No pallet on the upper, no adhesives and no constant issues of slipping, rubbing, and constantly thinking about this “Thing” in your mouth. There is a specific dental treatment;

Don't miss out on enjoying life
Don’t miss out on enjoying life

IMPLANT SUPPORTED DENTURES / HYBRID DENTURES This type of treatment has helped tens of thousands of denture wearers return to a way of life they though was lost, and a more suitable transition to first time denture wearers , This Treatment / Dental procedure is called a Hybrid because of the combined advantages of being fixed replacement of a removable denture. There are options available depending on each patient but there is a possibility of 2 implants / 4 Implants or more and then a temporary denture is screwed into the Implants, In some cases it is even possible to use a patients current dentures and adapt them to be used, giving extra savings and extra stability. Usually after 3 to 6 months a final and permanent, durable hybrid will be made by our expert laboratory and placed one final time. This type of denture can only be removed by a professional dentist. • Increase stability and comfort • Improved self confidence • Improves appearance • Returns biting ability • Better health through better nutrition with greater ability to eat   This is a very common procedure here at Dentaris – Dental Destinations Cancun – In less than 10 days a patient can visit us and be checked, fitted and provided with a permanent fixed solution to Removable dentures, and in the down time between appointments enjoy a Relaxing stay in Beautiful Cancun. With Prices of such treatments starting as low as 3800 usd for a Implant supported denture Over 2 Implants. And having some of the very Best Dental Professionals in Mexico on hand to offer options for even the most complex Oral rehabilitations. The Whole Dental Team here in Cancun, Mexico are able to help you realize the possibility of changing their Quality of Life for the Better – High Quality, Cost effective Dentistry options in Cancun.

Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


Antony De Sousa:

DENTARIS Are you looking for the right Dentist in Cancun

Professional Integrity
Professional Integrity

The Only Dental Clinic in Cancun
Dr Berron was formerly the Assistant Professor and Course Director of the Implant an Esthetic Fellowship within the Prosthodontic department at LSU New Orleans. Here Dr Berron has the following Responsibilities:
LSU TEACHING RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide instruction to Implant Fellow(s) Teaching in the area of Fixed/Removable dental options
Instructed in the Following Didactic Courses: Introduction to Implant Dentistry
Principles of Occlusion
Pre clinical Esthetics
Introduction to Complete Dentures Implants in Dentistry


Accredited and Licensed
Accredited and Licensed

Dr Berron has worked tirelessly over two decades learning, training, performing and refining his passion for dentistry in the area of prosthodontics.It was with these years of dentistry Knowledge and Experience that led him to be offered the prestigious role at LSU in the Summer of 2011 where he continues to work today, This role still  allows Dr Berron to Return to Cancun where he Established his very own Successful Private practice Dentaris in 1992 which now boasts 2 Dental clinics in Cancun and Playa Del Carmen while continually offering Excellence in all Dental Specialties. Now Dentaris has the most Experienced and Respected Dental professionals on staff that boast over 80 years of Clinical Experience.

Dr Berron Dentaris
Dr Berron Dentaris

With his Reputation established Dr Berron’s dedication to his patients and the ability to work on some of the most complicated and complex Dental Implant cases has lead to American and Canadians visiting Dentaris for their Dental Implant needs. Every month these traveling dental patients are wanting not only the best clinical hands working on their cases but also the prospect of making substantial savings in the Process.

Dental procedures and treatments at Dentaris can be as much as 70% less than the same being performed in say Canada or the United States.
Dentaris and the approach of Dr Berron and all the specialists in Cancun is one of complete Professionalism and honesty with Realistic Outcomes being explained as well as the procedures being performed.

All Implant Dentistry procedures come with a risk of failure and what we want to do here at Dentaris is close that very small percentage so as all our patients have the very best outcomes as possible. We do not Promise Miracles but we promise to do nothing less than our Absolute best for each and every Patient that decides to call Dentaris their Dental Clinic.


Don't miss out on enjoying life
Don’t miss out on enjoying life

When our Patients travel from the US or Canada they find that allowing time during their Planned Dental visits also gives them time to enjoy Cancun and the Riviera Maya and in turn treat themselves to a Vacation. Still saving money and with the Help of Dental Destinations Cancun the Tourism Arm of Dentaris all help and local knowledge is given to aid with the logistical side of such things as Transportation, Hotels, best dates to travel and 24 hour support and assistance. Really our patients cannot get over how simple and easy it was to travel and receive their much needed dental treatments from a highly Respected and experienced team of dental Professionals here in Mexico.

Thousands of American and Canadians travel to Cancun for all their dentistry needs
Thousands of American and Canadians travel to Cancun for all their dentistry needs


If you would like to learn more about the Affordable dental options available to you, Just ask! We are here to work for you. We can supply Doctors resumes, Professional accreditations, Costs, treatment options, Testimonials, Before and After cases. Or simply go to http://www.dentaldestinationscancun.com  or like our Facebook page for up to date tips, hints and information: https://www.facebook.com/Expertdentistcancun


Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


Antony De Sousa:

The Secret to looking younger with the help of Dentistry

The Secret to looking younger with the help of Dentistry

Has this happened to you, Early alarm rushing around to get ready, kids under foot, school run, what to have for breakfast, got two minutes to get showered with the skills and precision of James Bond while multi tasking as if you had as many arms as an Octopus. Then it happens, you catch a glimpse in the mirror, through the hand streaked steam marks there is a face you do not recognize! And then the realization hits, yes that is you!

Don´t feel bad it happens to the best of us, A busy and hectic work schedule, home life, commitments. children and sometimes just a “off” day visits even celebrities.
This  ugh feeling is not helped by flicking through magazines, channel hopping and the daily facebook updates, a mountain of fresh faced and seemingly spritely people going on about their daily business without a care in the world and not a tired face in sight .

Now before you start looking for the nearest plastic surgeons office and a life times supply of Botox, stop, go back to the mirror that earlier scared you this morning and try this!

Look directly at your reflection and SMILE! Yes Smile, did you know that smiling also triggers activity in your brain? Yep, there’s a serious mind-body connection there, in your left frontal cortex to be exact, which is—not surprisingly—the area of your brain that registers happiness.

Now see and feel the difference, it is amazing right! Even that initial forced smile can lead to a real heartfelt genuine big Grin ( even if it is because you feel silly).
And how much more better do you look?

Smiling more with the help of Dental Destinations Cancun
Smiling more with the help of Dental Destinations Cancun

A new study showed that when people looked at photos of happy faces, they guessed the age of the person in the photo as younger than in photos of the same person with a neutral or angry expression.
Researchers say it’s the first study to show that facial expressions have a major impact on the accuracy and bias of age estimates.
The study is published in Psychology and Aging. In addition, smiling has been shown to make people look more attractive, which may make them appear younger.

We are all Beautiful on the inside, let it shine out in your Smile and if you need we can help make that Smile Shine just that little bit brighter:

We are all Beautiful on the inside let it shine out in your Smile and if you need we can help make that Smile Shine just that little bit brighter:
We are all Beautiful on the inside let it shine out in your Smile and if you need we can help make that Smile Shine just that little bit brighter:

Now imagine how much different and even younger you could look if you had a Smile Makeover or a Smile Rejuvenation, for many people it may only involve a general cleaning and even a session of Teeth Whitening to get that Sparkle back, for others it could be Porcelain Veneers that help give a uniformed and symmetrical aesthetically pleasing look. There may be other cases where a combination of Specialized dental treatments are needed to help build and adjust as well as correcting some clinical issues they may have.
Such dental treatments can include, Root Canal therapies, Dental Crowns, Periodontal treatments and even Dental Implants.
Denture wearers complain about looking older than their years Normal or traditional dentures replace missing teeth and are not designed to do much more. They are not designed with another purpose and lead to the wearers showing sunken facial appearance as your front teeth support the lips and the lower teeth support your face. With Non surgical face lift dentures all of that changes. They are designed specifically for you the patient and can improve and completely rejuvenate the overall appearance of a denture wearer, giving the correct support to the prosthesis of patients.


We are all Beautiful on the inside let it shine out in your Smile and if you need we can help make that Smile Shine just that little bit brighter:
We are all Beautiful on the inside let it shine out in your Smile and if you need we can help make that Smile Shine just that little bit brighter:

If you want to know more about how you can Rejuvenate your Smile or are looking for Affordable Cosmetic dentistry options have you thought about combining a much deserved Vacation with a Smile makeover?

Want to know more and how savings of up to 70% can be achieved with the most Established and Experienced All Speciality dental clinic in Cancun – Dentaris.

Just ask www.dentaris.com.mx U.S. 504 3241490 info@dentaris.com.mx

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Why Patients Chose this Cancun Dental Clinic to Perform Dental Implants


Dental Vacation Cancun WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE? What makes Dentaris Unique when it comes to choosing a dental clinic in Mexico for your treatment needs is not one thing in particular, but many things together. The staff of Dentaris are not new to the work and evolution of Implant dentistry and Oral rehabilitations, they have been at the forefront for years, with noted clinicians, authors and speakers on these very subjects on staff (please review specialist section). Dentaris strives to exceed patients expectations with experience built up over decades, it has the proven clinical Results, a reputation built upon respect both from thousands of satisfied patients and their professional peers, highly respected doctors who’s more than capable hands work to improve and in certain cases rebuild not only smiles but the function of the mouth. As well as performing Exceptional dentistry at more affordable costs they help make all the necessary preparations and logistics from transportation, hotels etc more manageable and less stressful. You plus Dentaris equals, Stress free, Pain free dental vacations.

Reputed and Respected Dental Specialists in Cancun
Reputed and Respected Dental Specialists in Cancun

OUR PROMISE TO OUR PATIENTS We will be consummately professional and our standards will always be exemplary. We Promise to work in an open and completely honest manner, the treatments we observe and diagnose will be selected because they are what we truly believe will be the very best for you to enjoy a long lasting, beautiful and functioning smile, We promise to follow these core values: Expertise – To provide each patient with the correct specialist for their case Ethics – We will listen, Commitment to ethical practices and conscientious care to each patient Empathy – To treat each patient as if they were our own family, patient centered care from start to finish Equipment – To use only the the very best quality of materials and technologies for each case Exceeding Expectations – Our patients satisfaction is paramount to all our staff There will be no pressure to go ahead with any treatments you are not totally comfortable with. And we will not stop until you have the best outcome possible attained for your case. Your health is our priority and your care.

Professional Integrity
Professional Integrity

Contact us here directly, this limits the need for third parties or facilitators who offer their services as connections or bridges to a clinic and with this we can keep our treatment costs lower and pass the savings to you the patient.

Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence

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What are the advantages of dental implants – Dental Destinations Cancun


High Quality, Cost effective Dentistry in Cancun
High Quality, Cost effective Dentistry in Cancun


What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

There are many advantages to dental implants, including:

  • Improved appearance. Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. And because they are designed to fuse with bone, they become permanent.
  • Improved speech. With poor-fitting dentures, the teeth can slip within the mouth causing you to mumble or slur your words. Dental implants allow you to speak without the worry that teeth might slip.
  • Improved comfort. Because they become part of you, implants eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures.
  • Easier eating. Sliding dentures can make chewing difficult. Dental implants function like your own teeth, allowing you to eat your favorite foods with confidence and without pain.
  • Improved self-esteem. Dental implants can give you back your smile and help you feel better about yourself.
  • Improved oral health. Dental implants don’t require reducing other teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge does. Because nearby teeth are not altered to support the implant, more of your own teeth are left intact, improving long-term oral health. Individual implants also allow easier access between teeth, improving oral hygiene.
  • Durability. Implants are very durable and will last many years. With good care, many implants last a lifetime.
  • Convenience. Removable dentures are just that; removable. Dental implants eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures, as well as the need for messy adhesives to keep them in place.

What are the Advantages to Traveling to Cancun for Implant Dentistry?

Little known fact, Cancun is fast becoming the Medical and Dental tourism choice destination of Mexico and Latin America due to its convenient location, regular affordable flights combined with Modern facilities, high standards of health care and world class medical professionals.

The savings for certain dental procedures can be substantial and possible because the cost of operating a clinic and overall financial overheads are a lot less in Mexico, Even the purchasing and shipping of dental materials from the United States and Europe is not necessarily needed due to the larger well known pharmaceutical companies opening up all over mexico which allows the very significant savings being passed on to you the patient. The bigger savings are usually found when larger and more complex dental Implants and Oral Rehabilitations are needed.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of any Dental Implant procedures? and the significant improvement it can have on your life? simply contact us here at Dental Destinations Cancun and let us start your Smile Recovery in Cancun.

http://www.dentaldestinationscancun.com or email info@dentaldestinationscancun.com call 504 324 1490 MX +52 1 9981580976

“Affordable dentistry has never looked so good!”

Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


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Dentaris, Reviews of a Dental Implant clinic in Cancun

Reviews of a Dental Implant clinic in Cancun – Dentaris with Dental Destinations Cancun

Thinking about traveling for your dental work? want to know about others who have done exactly that? then click on the link below and read genuine patient Testimonials from Cancun’s Most Respected and Established Dental Implant and Oral rehabilitation Specialists – Dentaris.

What would help you in choosing a specific Dental clinic in Cancun?, Our current and previous patients have all said that the Testimonials they had read, and the previous patients they had been connected with who were able to explain their experience and type of work they had undertaken here at Dentaris had helped them feel more confident in choosing our dental clinic in cancun for their treatments.


Dental Destinations Cancun
Dental Destinations Cancun


For more information on how we can help you regain your Smile and Oral health

info@dentaldestinationscancun.com or fill out the online form http://www.dentaldestinationscancun.com/i-want-my-smile-back.php

Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence


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Do not get lost in Translation with Dentistry in Cancun


Cancun's most successful Dental Implant clinic
Cancun’s most Respected Dental Implant clinic

While there will always be the need for Medical facilities and Dental Clinic’s to promote their services and treatments over the Internet, and this may sometimes involve using 3rd parties – Always check directly with the clinic and medical center you decide to use, so as to establish the real cost of the treatments / procedures you are looking to undertake.

Airport transfers, Patient transportation, Hotel help And your own 24/7 local Patient concierge all of Whom are 100% English spoken and work solely for Dentaris.

Offering the most Affordable prices in Cancun and most importantly with exceptional, Experienced and Respected dental professionals

Dr J.Berron Assistant Professor and course Director of the Implant and esthetic fellowship within the Prosthodontic department at lSU New Orleans.

Dr L.Sierra Founder of Implantology department at Postgraduate  Division of Dental School in UNAM in 1990.

Dr M.Bertran Professor of dental anatomy and integral odontology at the univesidad intercontinental, Mexico city.

all at hand for each Implant patient, No other clinic offers such Committed , Competent and Capable Clinicians to each and every single patient that decides to call Dentaris their Dental Implant clinic.

Ask for our costs directly and take and advantage of direct clínic to Patient communication – no need to get lost in translation 🙂
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Dental Implants in Cancun by the Very best!
Dental Implants in Cancun by the Very best!


Return your Smile and Confidence
Return your Smile and Confidence

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Helpful tips to get the most out of your Dental Vacation to Cancun – Mexico




Helpful tips to get the most out of your Dental Vacation to Cancun

What is it about cosmetic dentistry in Mexico that makes it so popular nowadays? Well, as you may notice, a lot of cosmetic dental services are intended to make some changes on one’s appearance by improving their smile. So with this said, is it really just for vanity? If you have spent several of your years trying to cope with a bad set of teeth, for instance, or maybe endure the after-effects of an accident that led to some teeth loss, cosmetic dental services in these situations are not simply intended to address vanity issues alone. More than just the physical improvements, cosmetic dentistry can also transform these people’s lives by improving their smile. With a little tweak on how their teeth look, having a good set of teeth can boost self-confidence, ease difficulties in speaking and eating, and help you generally feel good about yourself. So whether you are planning to avail yourself of smile makeovers because of vanity alone or for deeper intent and health purposes, here are some tips you can find useful when you look for a cosmetic dental clinic.

Get referrals and words of advice from people you know.

Start by asking for recommendations from your social circle. Apart from the referrals, also make it a point to inquire about their particular experience of dealing with the dentist and the smile makeover itself. Was the price reasonable enough for the quality of services rendered? Was the dentist accommodating enough? Aside from personal suggestions, you can also take a look online to check some dental clinics in your area. Just remember, though, that what you see first on search results does not automatically guarantee excellent services. You still have to dig deeper so you can find a dentist you can trust.

Know about the dentist’s professional and medical affiliations, as well as training background.

Since you surely want only the best for your investment, it will help a lot if you check the dentist’s professional affiliations to respected and well-known dental organizations worldwide. Also learn about his training background and areas of specialization so you’ll have an idea about the particular types of dental services he usually offers.

Check references, testimonials, and before-and-after images.

With their long list of professional affiliations and credentials, as well as various accomplishments connected to their names, a lot of cosmetic dentists may seem too good to be true at times. To avoid those who are just all-talk, make it a point to check their references, as well as the general feedback and reviews about them. What do their previous patients have to say about the quality of their services, as well as the patient support their clinic offers? You can also take a look at before-and-after pictures of patients’ smile makeovers so you’ll have an idea what to expect.

Know about pricing and financing.

While there are more and more people aiming for cosmetic dental services, these smile makeover options can still be a bit expensive. When finding a dental clinic or dentist, also make inquiries about their service costs and possible options on financing. This will also help you compare how much you’ll likely pay for the kinds of services you need.

Assess the clinic ambiance and staff service.

If everything is looking great – from patient feedback, service costs, and professional affiliations, how you feel about the particular services rendered, might be considered a deciding factor. Go for a clinic that has good and comfortable ambiance, along with a courteous and accommodating staff. At the end of the day, it will all boil down on how comfortable you are getting along with your dentist.

We  Welcome each and everybody interested in the very best Dental Options in cancun, Mexico to contact us here at Dentaris. See for yourself why Hundreds of Canadian and American dental patients visit the most Experienced and Capable Dental Professionals in cancun – Dentaris


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How to deal with Tooth loss and the options available to you

How to deal with Tooth loss and the options available to you

Edentulism or Tooth loss is a debilitating and irreversible condition and this can away much more than just the ability to chew and properly digest food. Tooth loss has a very real and serious Social and psychological consequences that can seriously affect the self esteem and Quality of life for those who suffer from this condition. People find that they limit their social activities so as not to be put in crowded environments, or find themselves limiting their interaction with other people so as to talk less, which can affect working life, family life and even their love lives.It is also common for many sufferers to avoid going out for meals can be frustrating for many.  As these dental issues unfortunately do not just go away, They stay and in most cases become worse and more prevalent without some sort of intermediate help.

And which Specialist can you turn to for help when it comes to dealing with Edentulism / Tooth Loss? A PROSTHODONTIST.

Facts & Figures


  • Prosthodontics is one of the nine dental specialties recognized by the American Dental Association.
  • The American Dental Association recognizes the ACP as the organization for the specialty of Prosthodontics..
  • Prosthodontists are specialized dentists with advanced training in oral health issues, who are committed to improving patient results.
  • Prosthodontists train an additional three years in an American Dental Association- accredited graduate program after completing dental school.


  • About 15 percent of the edentulous population has dentures made each year.

Tooth Loss

  • More than 35 million Americans do not have any teeth, and 178 million people in the U.S. are missing at least one tooth. These numbers are expected to grow in the next two decades.
  • Tooth loss happens from decay and gums disease, and as a result of injury, cancer or simply wear.
  • Edentulism affects our most vulnerable populations – the aging and the economically disadvantaged.
  • In the geriatric population the ratio of edentulous individuals is 2 to 1. About 23 million are completely edentulous and about 12 million are edentulous in one arch.
  • 90 percent of those who suffer from edentulism have dentures.
  • The number of partially edentulous patients will continue to increase in the next 15 years to more than 200 million individuals. Partial edentulism affects the majority of adult Americans.
  • Consequences of missing teeth include significant nutritional changes, obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease and some forms of cancer.
  • About 15 percent of the edentulous population has dentures made each year.
Causes of Edentulism
  • Poor Oral hygiene 
  • Poor Diet
  • Bad Social habits Like Smoking, drug use
  • Trauma/Accidents
  • None or Lack of education about Oral health

 *Consequences of Tooth Loss

Effect on the Jaw Bone

The bone in the body acts very similar to a muscle. When muscles are exercised, they grow strong and larger. When bone is exercised or stimulated, it also becomes stronger. For example, when an arm is broken and placed in a cast for six weeks, you can see the arm is smaller after this time frame, since the muscles have started to shrink or atrophy. In addition, if you evaluate the bone protected by the cast, it also becomes less dense and weaker in this period. Similarly, the bone of the jaw can only be stimulated by a tooth or by an implant. The connections between a tooth, or an implant, create and preserve the size and shape of the bone. Bone needs the stimulation of the tooth roots to maintain its form, density, and strength. Scientific studies have proven that the normal chewing forces that are transmitted from the teeth to the bone of the jaw are what preserves the bone and keeps it strong.

Effects of Bone Loss on Facial Appearance

Facial changes naturally occur in relation to the aging process. When the teeth are lost, this process is grossly accelerated with more rapid facial aging. The loss of teeth can add 10 or more years to a person’s face. A decrease in face height occurs as a result of the collapse of bone height when teeth are lost. This results in several facial changes. The decrease in the angle next to the lips and deepening of vertical lines on the lips create a harsher appearance. As the vertical bone loss progressively and rapidly increases, the bite relationship deteriorates. As a result, the chin rotates forward and gives a poorer facial appearance. These conditions result in a decrease in the angle at the corner of the lips, and the patient appears unhappy when the mouth is at rest. Short facial types have higher bite forces, greater bone loss and more facial changes with tooth loss, compared to others. A thinning of the upper lip results from the poor lip support provided by the denture. And, there is a loss of tonicity of the muscles.



Do you want dentures that fit securely, are comfortable and look natural? Our Cancun dental clinic is specialized  in creating all types of dentures that once expertly fitted, will restore your smile and enhance your appearance.

Saving your Smile
Saving your Smile
But the key to finding the right option is educating yourself and to overcome embarrassment in order to work with your dentist to help bring back a Functional, esthetic Smile and just as importantly improve your Quality of life and regain your self confidence.

 For more information and a free no obligation quote please feel free to contact Dentaris Cancun’s Professional Dental clinic at




Call U.S.  01  504 324 1490

Dentaris is the best Option available to you, We want to help people find the Best Dental Clinic for their needs and continue to help make Cancun and Mexico the most Important location for Safe, Regulated and Professional Destination for Dental and Medical Tourism.


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