Root Canal Treatment Cancun

Are you thinking of traveling for dental Treatments in Cancun, Mexico – This information is to help explain about the Root Canal Treatment that is very commonly performed on Elective dental Patients and for Emergency dental Patients.

Root canal treatment is an often straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. Patients typically need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. During root canal treatment, an endodontist who specializes in such treatment carefully removes the pulp inside the tooth, cleans, disinfects and shapes the root canals, and places a filling to seal the space.



Endodontic treatment can often be performed in one or two visits and involves the following steps:

  1. The endodontist examines and x-rays the tooth, then administers local anesthetic. After the tooth is numb, the endodontist places a small protective sheet called a “dental dam” over the area to isolate the tooth and keep it clean and free of saliva during the procedure.
  2. The endodontist makes an opening in the crown of the tooth. Very small instruments are used to clean the pulp from the pulp chamber and root canals and to shape the space for filling.
  3. After space is cleaned and shaped, the endodontist fills the root canals with a biocompatible material, usually a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. The gutta-percha is placed with an adhesive cement to ensure complete sealing of the root canals. In most cases, a temporary filling is placed to close the opening. The temporary filling will be removed by your dentist before the tooth is restored.
  4. After the final visit with your endodontist, you must return to your dentist to have a crown or other restoration placed on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function.

If the tooth lacks sufficient structure to hold the restoration in place, your dentist or endodontist may place a post inside the tooth.

Endodontic treatment is necessary when the pulp, the soft tissue inside the root canal, becomes inflamed or infected. The inflammation or infection can have a variety of causes: deep decay repeated dental procedures on the tooth or a crack or chip in the tooth. In addition, an injury to a tooth may cause pulp damage even if the tooth has no visible chips or cracks. If pulp inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess.

The endodontist removes the inflamed or infected pulp, carefully cleans and shapes the inside of the root canal, then fills and seals the space. Afterward, you will return to your dentist, who will place a crown or other restoration on the tooth to protect and restore it to full function. After restoration, the tooth continues to function like any other tooth.

Many endodontic procedures are performed to relieve the pain of toothaches caused by pulp inflammation or infection. With modern techniques and anesthetics, most patients report that they are comfortable during the procedure.

For the first few days after treatment, your tooth may feel sensitive, especially if there was pain or infection before the procedure. This discomfort can be relieved with over-the-counter or prescription medications. Follow your endodontist’s instructions carefully.

Your tooth may continue to feel slightly different from your other teeth for some time after your endodontic treatment is completed. However, if you have severe pain or pressure or pain that lasts more than a few days, call your endodontist.


If you find yourself in Cancun & Riviera Maya and have a Dental Emergency then please feel free to contact us here at Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence for a clinical evaluation and treatment options to alleviate any dental discomfort you may have.


Dentaris Independently Ranked GCR TOP Dental Clinic Mexico 2016 & 2017

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Top Dental Clinic Mexico

We just wanted to share with you the great news our Clinic Dentaris have received this week.

For the Second year running the title of Top dental Clinic in Mexico
As a Dental Clinic that has been operating for  3 decades in Cancun, and Playa del Carmen and has a Team of specialists and support staff that have been working together all of that time we cannot say how Proud we are to be recognized with this accolade.
It is something that could not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of all the team – From our Drivers, Coordination department, Administration department, Assistants, Talented and dedicated Dental Specialists and our partnered Laboratory.
And of course we could not be doing what we love without all of our Amazing Patients, From our locals to the hundreds of Patients who travel from all over the world each year.


  1. GCR accreditation means that the clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards .
  2. It shows that the clinic has been officially monitored, independently checked on quality, and is using the data collected by the GCR to help improve the level of expertise, facilities, services and patient care.
  3. It shows that our clinic has demonstrated that we provide the same or higher quality of treatment as all other clinics that display the GCR accreditation star.
  4. It’s  to demonstrate to our patients that we rank among the Best.
Top dental Clinic in Mexico 
This recognition is based on
  • Clinic Expertise
  • Clinic Facilities
  • Clinic Services
  • Patient feedback
If you are still looking for the best options in dentistry in Cancun, Mexico – We have you covered and our extensive Experience and assistance is at your service.
Best Dental Clinic Mexico
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Implant Dentistry in Cancun

Implant dentistry in Cancun is a very popular choice for Thousands of American and Canadian patients each year and Dentaris has been performing Oral Rehabilitations and Complex Dental Implant treatments for 3 decades. While our Protocols have given our Specialists enviable Dental Implant Success rates of 96% the science is ever evolving to increase a patients chance and improve Longevity of treatments with the Optimal results possible.

Raise your chances of a Successful Implant Surgery in Cancun using the latest Technology to help improve healing time, and Surgical Success rates  with the PRGF Procedure. 


Platelet-rich plasma is obtained from a small sample of the patient’s own blood. It is centrifuged to separate platelet growth factors from red blood cells. The concentration of platelets triggers rapid growth of new bone and soft tissue.

For dental surgery applications, PRP is mixed as a gel that can be applied directly in tooth sockets and other sites. It also is effective in cases when bone grafts are required to foster proper bone integration for implants. Growth factors in PRP preparations help the grafts bond faster with the patient’s own bone. In one of study there was increased radiographic bone density during the initial two weeks following PRP treatment when compared to sites that did not receive PRP treatment.

We use the patients own blood so there is no issue of contamination or disease transmission.

We do this in house and at the same time during your surgery
You heal faster

PRGF® technology is based on the activation of the patient’s own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration.

What are Growth Factors?
They are proteins that we all have and which carry out an essential function in complex processes of tissue repair and regeneration.

They are naturally found in the plasma of each individual and inside platelets. The therapeutic application of growth factors stimulates and accelerates the processes of tissue healing and regeneration.

What is PRGF® – Endoret® technology?
PRGF® – Endoret® (Plasma Rich in Growth Factors) Technology: It is the most advanced autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma system. It is based on the activation of the patient’s own platelets for the stimulation and acceleration of tissue healing and regeneration.

The latest advances in medicine are increasingly leading to the adoption of new minimally invasive therapies and procedures. In this respect, PRGF®-Endoret® has opened new paths and therapeutic approaches thanks to its accessibility and reparative capacity.

What advantages does Endoret® (prgf®) offer?

100% biocompatible, versatile and safe.
Control over its activation and use.
A simple protocol: just one centrifugation.
A fast protocol: just 8 minutes of centrifugation and 20 minutes of preparation.
Its clinical efficiency in the stimulation of tissue healing and regeneration has been described in a large number of international articles.
It does not contain leucocytes, avoiding their proinflammatory activity.
Powerful bacteriostatic properties.
Excellent therapeutic potential in different clinical applications.
It is backed by a large number of international scientific studies and publications with a high impact.

The use of Endoret significantly Increases the Success rate in treatments with Dental Implants

When the surface of the implants is wet with ENDORET liquid a Fibrin membrane is formed that adheres to the surface of the implant and releases growth factors and improves the osseointegration.

The nano-rough surface of BTI implants is specially designed to boost the biological e ects of ENDORET.

The application of PRGF®-Endoret® in the treatment of alveoluses post-extraction reduces in inflammation and pain, accelerates the epithelisation of soft tissues and promotes bone regeneration.

The survival rate of an implant placed in an alveolus post-extraction immediately is 98%, and is a safe, effective and predictable treatment.



For more Information on how you can receive this treatment along with all your dental needs feel free to contact our dedicated Team who are at hand to answer any questions you may have and help you Save up to 60% on dentistry in Mexico.


Below are some tips that we have put together to help anybody looking at the options of traveling for Dental work. Through our years of working and helping patients connect with the best dental specialists in Cancun & Riviera Maya for their dental needs we come across very similar questions and preconceptions, so with just a couple of the most common Themes we hope they can help you better prepare for your Dental Tourism Mexico Experience.

Reviews and positive feedback are a great resource for narrowing down a dental clinic you want to visit,But it is always prudent to take into account the type of treatments and procedures the reviews are based on – A great 5 star review from a patient who has received a cleaning is good but does that mean the clinic is able to complete a dental implant? Complicated root canal therapy or a Full mouth rehabilitation?

find a clinic that has marked understanding and history of providing the specific treatments you are in need of.
In the same category as reviews testimonials are a useful tool at your disposal to see what real peoples experiences were at a given clinic.
Testimonials taken straight after a treatment are not the most reliable ones as a patient who has completed various treatments and time in the chair will be happy it is over, impressed with the look of new white crowns or still feel irritation and pain which they believe are part of the course straight after dental procedures.
Look for Testimonials that are taken months after the treatments, or ask to be put in contact with previous patients who have had months elapsed from there visits so you can get a real feel for the after care, quality of follow ups, problem handling and so on.
Before and Afters
Dental Before and After photos look dramatic and very impressive, when comparing photos of badly decayed teeth, missing teeth to a new set of Crowns, Dentures and so on, But if you have not had any dental training you may not be aware of the details a trained specialist would easily note.
If you are interested in a dental clinic and are impressed by their before and after galleries, Ask your dentist for their professional opinion on the afters – They will be able to view them in a unbiased clinical and professional manner and point out if the work is good, or if in fact there are issues not noted by the untrained eye like Poor occlusion, open margins, poorly fabricated pieces and any incorrect or anatomically below par prothesis.
17424669_647200625485629_4821025579052929850_n copy
You want to know the cost of a treatment, simple really? often a list of treatments can be presented to a patient with prices, but each and every treatment comes with a set of variables and this can change the treatment plan, costs and visits.
Especially if you are planning on traveling for dental work it is recommended (and part of our protocols) that you invest in having as much corroborating information about your case as possible such as treatment plans, X-rays, CT Scans and so forth. It is much better to prepare correctly and have your case presented as fully as possible so the clinic can present you with a much more accurate breakdown of treatments, timelines and costs. Many clinics will just give you the cost of a treatment but not go into the possibilities of other secondary treatments that can arise or risks involved.
You do not have to be a dentist but Getting yourself informed and aware of what needs to be done will eliminate many unwanted surprises and additional expense.
Your Dentist
You have chosen a clinic based on the information and reviews of a specific dentist, You have researched their resume, confirmed their specialities and spoke to previous patients who have received the treatments you are in need of by the dentist presented. You are excited and arrive to your appointment only to speak with the dentist you understood would be working on your case and have another dentist work on you.
If your decision to use a dental clinic was based on the belief that the dentist presented would be working on you and your dental treatment needs then you have the option to cancel the planned treatments, ask why they are not performing the work and receive a satisfactory answer, ask for the dentist to perform your work, or seek an alternate dental clinic and specialist to work on you.
At no point should you ever feel pressured or uncomfortable about the dental specialist who is to perform your work. It is your health, appearance and at your discretion who treats you.
Quality of the Laboratory
It is very common for dental clinics to invest Tens of Thousands of dollars into new laboratory equipment, Milling machines, Laser cutters, 3d imaging. But at the end of the day a laboratory needs to have the cohesion of Talented Experienced technicians who work fluidly with Experienced and talented dentists. For all of the expensive machines and gadgets are pointless without the right people to work them, and even then the humble Plaster cast mold is still hailed as the best point of reference for dentist and laboratory.
Any Professional and experienced dentist will not put their patients and their name / Reputation to substandard laboratory work, So if you are comfortable with the dentist and would like to know more about the partnered laboratory they work with or have, ask to see different work they have performed, the different types of materials, the guarantees they have and this should hold you and your dental work well.
Miracles happen on 34th street, not in a dental clinic
This is technically not true, as Thousands of patients who have gone through life changing dentistry will attest to the “miracle” changes after suffering a lifetime or years worth of  constant pain, having no teeth contributing to poor dietary intakes, feeling self conscious and unhappy with their appearance. in fact the miracle was performed by many a unsung hero wearing a mask and waiving a very small mirror.
What we are saying is when looking for dental work in another country, the way you handle your expectations will hold you in great stead. If a clinic for example is promising a full mouth of new Dental Crowns returning home in only 7 days smiling away,  be prepared to be somewhat disappointed. Approach the reality of ensuring you do not unnecessarily rush through work and end up sitting in a dental chair for 8 + hours everyday, plan longer than you are told to and ask to have a schedule of your appointments and what to expect each appointment and a rough time spent each visit. There are many treatments that can be completed within much shorter waiting periods than those offered by your home town dentist, but certain treatments will have to be approached and performed in similar time constraint manners.
pour water into wine 2
Fix my problem from afar
Dentistry is an ever evolving science, people are unique and cases although in practice are on the surface the same the conditions of the patients vary, Lifestyles, accidents, health problems etc. So while traveling for dental work is a fantastic option for thousands of people it is important to remind yourself that problems can and often do arise with all types of dental work no matter how well prepared and performed they are, Crowns over Implants can become loose due to the screw, Dental Crowns can fracture, Implants can be rejected, root canals can fail. This is when realizing the clinic is not around the corner (On the contrary, another Country). And this is a prevalent factor to take into account when deciding on destination and location.
As mentioned before being aware that the clinic is not “next-door” and you understand that the ramifications of failed treatments can mean a return visit to the dentist. The likelihood of a Tourism clinic paying to fix any common issues or problems (which have been explained prior) you may have back in your home country will be low to none.
Avoid such confusion and angst  by asking the clinic before embarking on a treatment plan what actions are they willing to do if a problem arises, what would you need to do, what specialist would you have to visit. The majority of clinics will have in place some kind of guarantee or warranty on their work, but this is usually based on the patients acceptance and understanding they would need to return to that clinic to have the work redone, fixed.

Prothesis / Clinical Guarantees

Most Clinics will be happy to provide Clinical warranties and Guarantees for certain treatments, some even go as far as saying they will provide guarantees for 10 years on their work, which for a prospect patients point of view is a very reassuring offer.
We suggest that any patient who is being offered such guarantees check the history and background of the dental clinic I.E. how long have they been operating. That is not to say newer clinics are not capable or wanting to honor such guarantees, but dental clinics like any business (and it is a competitive business) unfortunately come and go, owners change hands, relocate, change names or worst case scenarios close for good.
If a clinic is offering a 10 year guarantee on their work and has only been operating for 1 or even 2 years it is best taken into account in your decision making that the 10 year offer may not be a viable recourse years down the line. If this is a big reason for choosing a clinic look for established clinics, longevity in healthcare is a positive point and one that suggests a commitment to patients, a continued flow of patients through the years which adds validity to such offers.
Reputations It is more common than not that you will be presented while researching dental clinics that they state they are the Best, Leaders, Best Quality materials and cheaper options for all. We all do it to some extent as this is what most clinics think a patient wants to hear, and in most respects that is correct, no one is going to choose a healthcare provider that says they are average! they want them to be confident. But there are many that believe their own hype –  The internet is a source we all use and readily rely on a day to day basis and with that, Big marketing budgets, Flash websites, images and videos are  sent streaming to your device when searching for your desired topics of interest.
Well we certainly cannot say don’t use the internet, what would we do then, Go back to scouring the Yellow pages? We suggest taking everything you read or see to be taken with a little “pinch of salt” so to speak, the internet is a abyss and a place where reality can get, shall we say somewhat distorted. 1 bad review of a clinic does not mean they are no good, the same as 10 good reviews does not automatically make a clinic the best option, If you see similar patterns emerging that may indicate a good positive or a negative trend for that clinic. judge for your self, use your gut instinct, due diligence and research will be your best tools and following our section of how to do this will also help

The fact is we invest our time and knowledge into this service and our success comes largely from word of mouth, we try to be a Respected source of information and assistance. Friendly, Informative yet at the same time as simple to use as possible.If you are wanting some real and genuine help from people who have spent years doing nothing else but working, learning and perfecting the service so you know more about the options of Affordable dentistry to Cancun, Riviera Maya & Mexico we are just a quick email away.

504 3241490

A.De Sousa



Best Dentist in Cancun, Dentaris Dr Joaquin Berron

Cancun’s Most Respected and longest serving Dental Clinic´s is now offering American and Canadian patients the chance to be treated by former Louisiana State University Clinical Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Implant Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics.

Dr. Joaquin Berron DDS has built up not only his professional Reputation but that of his Clinic Dentaris with a strong dedication for providing the highest levels of patient care and ethical treatment options and procedures over the past 24 years.

With an absolute and unwavering commitment to the health and well being of each and every patient Dr. Berron and the Team of Dentaris have gained a reputation of Professionalism, Expertise and Compassion.

Combining these traits with a positive and focused working ethic and commitment, Dentaris has a group of talented dental specialists with over 120 years of combined experience in Dentistry ensuring each and every patient who is under the care of Dentaris do so with complete confidence that they are really in the very best hands possible. Why Our Clinics Ranking in Cancun is Number 1 Take a Virtual Tour Read what our Previous Patients have to say

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Over 25 years Private practice
Former Clinical Assistant Professor, Coordinator of the Implant Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics LSU.
Teaching in Fixed & Removable Clinics
Instructed in the Following Didactic Courses:
Implant Dentistry
Principles of Occlusion
Preclinical Esthetics
Introduction to Complete Denture Implants in Dentistry
Louisiana State University (LSU) School of Dentistry, New Orleans.

Here in Cancun Dr Berron DDS has extensive knowledge and ability in Prosthodontics & Implant Dentistry where the options available to patients from not only Mexico but those traveling from United States and Canada specifically to see him, are able to access Affordable, Quality and Long Lasting Dental Implant Solutions – From a Single Dental Implant procedure to Rehabilitating completely Endotolous Patients requiring Four or More Dental Implants used to support Fixed Arches.





Call for more information U.S. 504 3241490


Hybrid Dentures Mexico – Incredible Deal

Affordable Implant Supported Hybrid Dentures Mexico

DENTARIS, Best Dentist Cancun, Cancun dentist, Dental Clinic Cancun, Dentistry Mexico, Dental Tourism Cancun , Dental Vacation Cancun.-6

The Four or More dental Implant Options utilizes four or More implants per arch, The implants in this procedure can also placed at an angle, which allows for increased contact by using the natural support of your bone.

How long is the dental implant surgery?
The surgery takes approximately 2.5 hours per arch.

Who is the ideal candidate for Four or More dental Implants?
The ideal candidate for this dental implant procedure is someone who is currently wearing dentures or who will need dentures in the future. Age doesn’t matter but dental implant candidates should be in good health.

Where will my replacement teeth be made?
The Arches will be made by the most Experienced Dental Laboratory in Cancun along with the Dental Implant Specialists working in Conjunction to give the very best outcome. Your new teeth will be crafted by certified lab technicians.

Will my results look natural?
Completely the feel the appearance and function is very close to real teeth. No one will know you have implants unless you tell them.

Why don’t I get my permanent set of teeth the day my implants are placed?
As with any surgery, you need time to heal. However, you will not leave the clinic without teeth. A temporary set of teeth will be placed on your implants. Once the healing process is complete, your permanent teeth will be placed at a follow up visit approximately Four to six months after surgery.

What type of cleaning is required after an implant is placed?
Dental implants should be treated like your natural teeth, daily brushing and flossing is recommended. We will pass on information on the correct oral hygiene instructions after your appointments

Dental Destinations Cancun, Dental Tourism Mexico, Dental Vacation Cancun, Dentistry Cancun, Affordable dentistry Cancun , Affordable dentistry Mexico , Mexico Dentist

Why Should we be the Clinic you choose?

Our Specialists are the most Experienced in Quintana Roo – A Fact that is very important when looking at any type of medical procedure.

Our Costs are more accessible – Our Prices are monitored regularly to keep them more accessible and yet keep the Quality to the highest standards we are renowned for.

Our Guarantees are genuine and honored

Our Team handles over 30 traveling patients per month.

We care – Our reputation has been built over 3 decades dedicated to providing the best options for all our patients.

Why not give us a chance to show you – An offer to you of a Free consultation and Evaluation – 504 324 1490 –

Dentaris – Dentures in Mexico – Photos look great, Feeling great looks better!

Dentures in Mexico – Photos look great, Feeling great looks better!
Dentures can make any before and after photo transition look amazing! It is true, from damaged teeth to having none compared to a beautiful bright white Uniformed arch of teeth the first impression is Wow Fantastic.
But what is important to know is like any aspect of dentistry, dentures need to be fabricated and made well and specifically for the wearer, They need to be custom fitted and adapted to the patients oral anatomy and even the slightest flaw can make wearing them unbearable and uncomfortable
Successful patient outcomes with conventional complete dentures are possible. In order to achieve predictable success clinicians require technical skill, in conjunction with a highly skilled and competent laboratory support and patient trust. So if you are in need of dentures and are thinking of visiting Mexico to save money we have the most comprehensive and clinical skilled support for each patient, and who knows, we may be able to help make those dentures more stable with Implants. 504 3241490


Dentaris What is a Dental Vacation ?


In a Nutshell and as simply as it needs to be put:

To travel outside your Country of Residence for the purpose of receiving the Dental Treatments and Care you need with the principal aim of paying less, but importantly keeping the standards high, and all the while enjoying an unforgettable vacation while you recuperate. This is known as a Dental vacation to Cancun.

Cancun is  the Medical and Dental tourism choice destination of Mexico and Latin America due to its convenient location, regular affordable flights combined with Modern facilities, high standards of health care and world class medical professionals.

The savings for certain dental procedures can be substantial and possible because the cost of operating a clinic and overall financial overheads are a lot less in Mexico, Even the purchasing and shipping of dental materials from the United States and Europe is not necessarily needed due to the larger well known pharmaceutical companies opening up all over Mexico which allows the very significant savings being passed on to you the patient. The bigger savings are usually found when larger and more complex dental Implants and Oral Rehabilitations are needed.

Simple really and you have to ask yourself why not? You need the dental work doing you can save money while not sacrificing Quality or standards and who does not want to enjoy a Vacation to Cancun?

What we want and always mention to our patients is that while the vacation is a Important factor, the Quality of the Dentistry and Care you will receive should be the most important factor when choosing a clinic and not just what discounts they have, Remind yourself that you are looking for more affordable dentistry options and never the cheapest.You deserve nothing but the best specialists working on your Oral health. And this is the Real reason many patients have decided to go ahead with Dentaris for their dental implant and oral rehabilitation treatments.

Now what we want to do is help you achieve this and to make it as easy and as stress free as possible, with one very important aspect – Complete honesty, This is in fact your Health and appearance you are entrusting to us, and what we are respectfully working with.

So we here at Dentaris take the time to find out as much about your needs, clinically and personally so we can put together a complete package of dental care and peace of mind for each of you.

You will be able to enjoy great food, laugh without covering your mouth, smile unashamedly and watch such a marked change in your self confidence you will be amazed. But as with anything in life knowledge is power and researching what is available too you will help, Dentaris is committed to not only providing the highest levels of Clinical, surgical experience and expertise but making sure that each and every patient has the complete confidence in the options offered being the very best available and the having the finest clinicians and support staff at hand throughout your stay.               504 3241490           


Cost of Dental Work in Mexico

Cost of Dental Work in Mexico 

%22Your Oral Health is an Investment, not an Expense%22 Mexico Dentist, Dentistry Cancun, Dentaris Cancun. Dentist Cancun.

Now Stop thinking about the Monetary cost for one moment – While this may seem counterintuitive because that is the principal reason you are traveling to Mexico for dentistry – What we mean is that patients travel to save Thousands some time tens of thousands of dollars compared to their dental quotes from their local dentists –

But If you are here in Cancun or Riviera Maya and the quoted dental work differs from 50 to a couple of hundred dollars from clinic to clinic, you may be thinking that you are saving an extra couple of hundred dollars more,  make the sensible choice and choose the clinic that has the most Experienced specialists with the correct credentials and corresponding Laboratory and clinical warranties.

You Traveled to Save money but also to have peace of mind that those savings are founded and will last –

Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence Cancun – Promises not only Financial Savings but Peace of Mind.

The Cost of Great Dentistry is Priceless –

Want to know more –

504 3241490



Dentaris Cancun’s Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence Awarded Top Dental Clinic in Mexico

Results now available for the latest 2016 analysis of dental clinics in Mexico by the GCR

In the GCR’s latest analysis of dental clinics in Mexico, Dentaris – Center for Dental Excellence ranks as the leading clinic in Cancún and the whole of Mexico, when it comes to overall international clinic reputation. It is currently the only dental clinic in Mexico that is officially accredited by the GCR as proving to be above international medical clinic standards.


It is with Enormous Pride that Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence Cancun has been awarded the prestigious Global Clinic Ranking of the Leading dental Clinic for not only Cancun but Mexico. 

Dentaris - Center for Dental Excellence 2

Dentaris as a team are dedicated to combining not only the highest levels of clinical Excellence for each and every patient, We provide an unparalleled level of personal Care and attention to every patients dental goals, We aim to be ambassadors for Excellence in Quality Affordable dentistry in Cancun & Riviera Maya as well as Leaders in Dental Tourism Mexico.
This passionate vision which we meticulously work by allows complete trust and confidence from our patients knowing that they are in the hands of dedicated and Respected Professionals who are determined in giving Positive and life changing dental work.

%22Your Oral Health is an Investment, not an Expense%22 Mexico Dentist, Dentistry Cancun, Dentaris Cancun. Dentist Cancun.-4

With over 3 Decades Providing Cancun & Riviera Maya with the very best dental treatments  Dentaris has also become one of the main dental specialists that American and Canadian patients contact and visit due the the expert dental Care and affordable Costs brought by dedicated professionals whose ethical practices and treatment  strategies allow the complete trust and patient satisfaction which have become the benchmark of Dentaris  protocols for best patient care, while also making the decision to travel to Mexico as stress free and as Enjoyable Experience Possible.

If you would like to know more about the Options available from Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence Cancun please request a call back –

US 504 324 1490

MEX +52 998 887 2579

Or you can Visit



Dentaris, Cancun’s Centre for Dental Excellence

New Dental Clinic Constructed for Cancun’s Leading Dental Tourism Specialists – Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence Cancun.


Coming soon Our Newly Constructed and Elegantly Modern Cancun Clinic for Dentaris Centre for Dental Excellence is now located on the Exclusive Avenida Bonampak which marks the beginning of the World Famous Cancun Hotel Zone and the Entrance to the Bustling Centro de Cancun.

We are Independently Rated in the Top 10 Dental Clinics in Mexico for Our Clinical Specialists Experience and Qualifications, installations and patient satisfaction,

– Experienced and Respected Dental Specialists, including former Louisiana State University Teaching Professor
– Open 6 days a week
– Operating with distinction for over 3 Decades
– Modern facilities
– Comprehensive team fluent in English, Spanish
– Personal Destination Patient Manager
– Onsite Dental Concierge
– Located in Cancun & Playa del Carmen
– No waiting lists
– Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, Cash Payments accepted
– Insurance paperwork assistance
– Transportation airport – hotel – clinic – Hotel – Airport*
– Preferential Hotel rates*
– 24 hour onsite contact
– Laboratory Work Guarantees*
– Friendly and Caring environment for all patients seeking the Very best in Affordable Quality Dentistry.


With buses that run every 2 minutes and no shortage of Taxis Our Location is nothing but Perfect for Dental Tourists, Close to some of the best and most economic Boutique hotels,Starbucks (no surprise there) Supermarkets that caters to all tastes and needs from Local to International items the dental Tourism package is complete.

Running the length of this Modern and Exciting Avenida are eclectic dining experiences from Italian Fusion restaurants, French Mexican award-winning dining, Local Speciality Sea food, Modern Tapas choices, Organic Markets and only 5 minute ride to the Principal Ferry port that runs crossings to the Spectacular Island Isla Mujeres ( A Paradise in its own right) every 25 minutes.

A short walk and you arrive at Largest Shopping complex in Cancun, Plaza Las Americas and an array of local smaller plazas that host numerous themed bars and restaurants that fill up each evening with a mix of Locals and Tourists, A little further on and the night life of local Cancun is instantly visible with Parque Las Palapas which in the evening hosts street food vendors of all types offering traditional food where you can eat like a local and not spend very much while gently strolling at your own leisure and watching this little hidden gem in the heart of the City blossom in the warm night air.

There really is something for everyone when visiting Cancun, (Playa del Carmen) and of course with the assurance of the Highest standards of Quality Affordable dentistry in a Superb Vacation Destination, with the confidence that the staff of Dentaris are always at hand to give useful and helpful advice for those wanting to explore what Cancun Really has to offer between appointments.

And why do American and Canadians choose Dentaris Dental Clinics for their dental Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry needs?

Cancun Dentist

Because Dentaris understands the Importance of Location combined with dedicated Experience and Skill of the Dental Specialists and this is why Dentaris are confidently able to Promise each patient choosing their services the best of both.

Established in Cancun in 1992 with a sister clinic in Playa Del Carmen Dentaris with DDC has officially been recognized and proven to have a level of expertise, facilities, services & patient responses well above current international clinic standards.(GlobalClinicRating)


Specialists Include the Founder and Principal Dentist [Dr Joaquin Berron __title__ ] who is a Former Louisiana State University Professor and Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Prosthodontics, and Coordinator, Implant Fellowship Program, Department of Prosthodontics.

Along with the Founder of the Dental Implant Department at one of Mexico’s most Prestigious Universities, A Scientific Advisor for Prominent Dental implant brands, a Well known author and Keynote speaker of over 50 International lectures.

Cosmetic Dental Specialists, Endodontic specialists, Orthodontic Specialists, Pediatric Dental Specialists and even a certified Nutrition Specialist – You and your Family will be in the in the very Best Hands.

While combining excellent execution of Dental treatments with a passionate desire for further clinic exploration and improvement whilst providing an attentive & more personalised service for patients and with Great Pride ranked as One of the Top Dental Clinics in Mexico and a Leading Dental Tourism Specialist. [And with Treatments costing up to 60% less we are the Premier choice for American & Canadian dental patients wishing to receive Expert help, Peace of mind and significant Savings. __title__ ]

If you would like to know more about our Progress and the Availability of Appointments please contact our main office by email at info(at) | antony(at) or call 504 324 1490 and It would be our pleasure to help you get the Dentistry you need and to save you money.

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Affordable Dentistry in Playa Del Carmen

Affordable Quality Dentistry in Playa Del Carmen 

Does Playa Del Carmen appeal to your Vacation needs? but want the High levels of Quality Dentistry that Dentaris is renowned for, Then we have the ideal solution for you – Our Dental Clinic located in the Beautiful Town of Playa Del Carmen, All Dental Specialities are still available with Significant Savings from the Most Experienced and Respected dental Professionals in Cancun & Playa Del Carmen –



Playa del Carmen, now the third-largest city in Quintana Roo, is the trendiest spot on all of the Yucatán Peninsula. Sitting coolly on the lee side of Cozumel, the town’s beaches are jammed with superfit Europeans. The waters aren’t as clear as those of Cancún or Cozumel, and the beach sands aren’t quite as champagne-powder-perfect as they are further north, but still Playa (as it’s locally known) grows and grows.
Strolling down Playa del Carmen’s pedestrian corridor, Quinta Avenida (keen-ta; 5 Avenida), is a fabulous game of see-and-be-seen. La Nueva Quinta (New Fifth Ave) is also called La Zona Italiana for the number of Italians operating businesses there. It begins on Calle 22 and stretches north for 10 blocks.
The town is ideally located: close to Cancún’s international airport, but far enough south to allow easy access to Cozumel, Tulum, Cobá and other worthy destinations. The reefs here are excellent, and offer diving and snorkeling close by. Look for rays, moray eels, sea turtles and a huge variety of corals. The lavender sea fans make for very picturesque vistas.
With daily cruise-ship visitors, Playa is starting to feel like a mass-tourism destination, but it retains its European chic, and one need just head two blocks west of the main strip to catch glimpses of the nontouristic side of things. (Lonely planet)

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Dentistry in Cancun – Where in 3 Hours you can Save 3000 dollars


Savings that will Help you Smile
Savings that will Help you Smile

This was and is possible and more so if we get the calculator out, But to make this quick and simple let me tell you how this is possible and has happened.

A Patient who was helped by Dental Destinations Cancun with Dentaris had booked and arranged to have Dental Implants placed here in Cancun through our Specialists.

They were relaxing around the swimming pool bar in their hotel after coming back from their initial consultation for their upcoming dental Implants surgery.

While chatting with the other guests about the reason for their stay in Cancun dentistry popped into conversation, The other guests who all seemed a little set aback with the answer – Dental work while on vacation?
With that the questions why, with who, is it safe along with a Myriad of other concerns were thrown at our current patients.

And once they had explained the research they had done prior to traveling, the professional history of the dentist, the experience, reputation, guarantees along with the help they had received in doing so they mentioned the cost of the dental work and the Savings involved in doing so in Cancun, another couple who couldn’t believe the difference in costs wanted to know more as they had recently been to their home town dentist and were told they needed at least 3 dental implants with a cost of upto 2000 usd per implant (that being only the first stage of surgical placement and not counting the rehabilitation)

The patients called their Treatment coordinator at Dental Destinations Cancun on behalf of their new holiday friends to see if it would be able to arrange a consultation for them to enquire about the work needed and what it would cost.
The Treatment coordinator promptly arranged a free consultation with the Dental Implant specialists (free of charge) and helped arrange transportation to the clinic for the consult.

After the guests had arrived and all necessary forms and questionnaires were filled out the Clinical evaluation was performed along with some X-rays, The doctor explained certain findings and mentioned the need for a 3D Scan / Cone beam which would allow him to correctly and more accurately view the patients bone condition and better enable him to choose the optimal locations, angles and size of Implants that would ensure the best Treatment outcome.

Virtual Dental Surgery Cancun
Virtual Dental Surgery Cancun

The New patients who were extremely happy with the doctors advice and recommendations asked the clinic to arrange a scan (Which was done that same afternoon) the patients returned to the clinic with the scan and sat with the specialist where he was able to explain what he recommend, why and how he would place the implants in a Virtual Surgery – Performed on his computer with some very special software.

The patients very satisfied with the findings and options available who were then presented with how much these procedures would cost to be performed, and on being presented with a treatment cost of

Consultation – Free
Clinical Evaluation – Free
X-rays – Free
Scan 200 usd
3 Implants – FDA Approved- 1st Surgical Phase – 2670 usd

3 Implant Rehabilitation (Abutment & Dental Crown) 2205 usd

Total 5075 usd

When this was compared to their home town quote being 6000 usd not including the Rehabilitations they went ahead and agreed to do the treatments there and then.

Dental Savings in Cancun
Dental Savings in Cancun

So with that these Vacationers who we now called our Patients were able to save well over Save 3000 usd in less than 3 Hours.

And were they happy ? Check here to see Genuine patient Testimonials of those who used our services to get the best Dental Treatments in Cancun & Riviera Maya and saved money while not sacrificing Quality or Levels of Care.


For more information on how you and your family could make some substantial savings on Dental Treatments in Mexico

Personal Service with a Smile
Personal Service with a Smile

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